OHM Solar Solutions

"Changing the way
you think of solar"

Why Ohm Solar Solutions?

Ohm brings self-autonomy and efficiency without diminishing your home’s appeal. Your roof isn’t a good fit for solar? No problem! We have ground mounts. Worried that your house’s design, or that your roof style is a problem? We have you covered! Our mounting are streamlined structure that fits a plethora of roofing. We build with quality materials, that last for up to 25 years! from the first consultation to your final installation, OHM is with you through the entire process

Who is OHM?

Cody Pitts


From Paradise, CA, I learned how to be a team player and push people to succeed by leading from the front. My guys know that I would never ask them to do anything that I wouldn't do first. My attitude in running OHM is to improve the working environment. To change the way people see "work" into a place they enjoy. In doing this, the customers see how much joy everyone has and passes that to them. Ohm approaches customer service in a different way. We treat everyone as individuals and make sure to meet each person's needs to make their own personal experience with us enjoyable. We are an honest company and that alone separates us from the competition.

Christian Deluca


I’m born and raised in Chico, CA. Through years of experience with other solar contractors I was able to hone in on the experience I wanted Ohm to provide to the families we serve. I lead with a “lead from the front” mentality and look to provide a 5 star experience for all of the employees/contractors at Ohm all the way to the families we serve. To say "I’m grateful to be able to serve the community I grew up in" is an understatement; It's a responsibility.

Fahredin Nushi


Originally from Siskiyou County. My father was a contractor. I learned his skills of problem solving and construction management from an early age. When I found myself getting into the solar industry a passion grew. Solar construction doesn't only create a difference with every homeowner; it benefits the rest of the world. Folks getting off the dirty energy grid, and on their own renewable energy grid. Helping grid demand and helping homeowners put money into their own pockets versus giving it to the utility companies.

Ryan Wright


Born and raised in Paradise. I had the wonderful privilege of serving youth and their families in Paradise for 21 years. The Camp Fire of 2018 destroyed most of Paradise, and my home was one of the thousands consumed. Circumstances surrounding the fire forced me to look for another career. Solar was an opportunity that fell in my lap, and every day I’m grateful for this opportunity. My previous job taught me the value of serving people with integrity and excellence. I’m grateful to have landed with OHM, which shares these same values.

What is OHM?

We understand that getting solar isn’t always that simple.  We offer multiple options to make sure your job is completed seamlessly from start to finish. Have questions? We are here to help! OHM Solar Solutions offers top-quality material that’s insured for 25 years!


Dory Dyer

         “Christian, Cody, Erin, and the entire team were very professional and helpful from start to finish. They kept me informed throughout the entire process. Project was completed right on time and installation was great. All of my questions were answered and the process well explained. I am very pleased with the outcome and would definitely recommend OHM if you are looking to install solar.”

Bob Donoho

      “OHM Solar Solutions was amazing to work with,  Ryan Wright, their sales person, worked with through the entire process and it went very smoothly. Their experts did a great job that was completed in under four hours, amazing. The system looks great and works perfectly. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to save on their electric power bills.”

Janey Corso

           “Christian was a joy to work with, he answered my multitude of questions, consistently followed up in a timely manner and did it all with a smile. Cody and his team did a lovely (and fast!) job installing beautiful solar panels on our roof. We’re also grateful to the project manager who waited at our house for over two hours for the county inspector to arrive, ensuring there would be no delays in getting our solar panels up and running. That kind of courtesy and dedication really makes OHM stand out from their competitors. If you’re looking to go solar, I definitely recommend OHM Solar Solutions.”

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