1. Initial Design

During this step we will sit down with you to evaluate your electrical usage. This is done by gaining access to your PG&E account and assessing the historical usage. Then we will do a lidar report on your roof, and property; to assess shading, and roof pitch. Then we can find out the amount of panels needed to completely offset your bill. 

2. Presentation and

This step is where we can get into the nitty gritty. We will sit down and explain every element of the system: how it works, the benefits, and the cost. Once we are assured it all makes sense, then we start the process of creating and completing an agreement. 

3. Site Survey

Once the agreement is made. Our office will call and schedule a site survey with you. One of our site surveyors will come to your property. They will measure out your roof, property and inspect the electrical panel. If everything checks out, we can move forward

4. Final Design

In this part our CAD team takes all the information gathered from the previous steps to create a final design/permit pack for your project. Once completed it is reviewed by our contractor, then sent for your approval. 

5. Permitting

After your approval of the final design we then send it to the local municipality for their approval. This is the one part of the process where we truly lose control.  Some municipalities are faster than others. This is the step where both parties need to be the most patient.

6. Installation

Once permits are approved we schedule your install. You will get a call from our office to find out which date is going to work best for both parties. Installation for a roof mount project should take no longer than a day. Ground mounts can take 3- 4 days. During this process there are a few more documents to complete and your OHM Representative will guide you throughout the process.

7. State, County or City

After install, our surveyor and a representative from the municipality meets at the job site to inspect the project. Sometimes we have a small correction to make, and we may have to  repeat this step.

8. PTO (Utility Approval)

When final permitting is approved we file the necessary paperwork with your utility company for their approval. This can vary the timeframe dependent on the utility company, and workload of the utility company. Once this is complete your project is fully done!