About OHM Solar Solutions

Our Story

       Ohm Solar Solutions was formed originally by Cody Pitts, Fahredin Nushi, Ryan Wright and Christian Deluca. They had a vision of solar construction that seemed simple, yet unpracticed in the industry; communication and transparency

       The owners come from similar backgrounds and businesses  from across the north state. They got tired of the same story with each company they worked for. OHM set out to reinvent this process; by overcommunicating through the process and ensuring a quality service and quality communication.  

OHM Team Leaders

Cody Pitts


Fahredin Nushi


Christian Deluca


Ryan Wright


Erin Eberhardt

Permit Specialist

Ted Washburn

CAD Design and Proposal

Jacqui Vanucci

Financial Manager

Jesse James Smith

Energy Consultant

Cody Yon

Crew Foreman

Shane Endemano

Crew Foreman

Brandon Delgado

Sales Rep. Mananger

Max Duran

Sales Rep. Manager

Contact Us

629 Entler Ave. Chico, CA 95928